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Container Architect Consulting Services

$275.00 per hour

Container Architect Consulting Services help you accelerate your DevOps journey by harnessing the expertise of highly experienced Solution Architects. Mirantis consultants bring decades of experience in cloud native processes and technologies including Docker, Kubernetes, automation, virtualization, CI/CD, application development/migration and DevOps to help ensure your IT transformation is as efficient and pain-free as possible.

Select from a menu of world-class services where specialists in each field will provide you world-class optimization in realizing your vision. Whether it is a quick fix or a comprehensive DevOps/Cloud native solution that you are looking for, our team of world-recognized consultants will get you up and running so your teams can focus on what is important for your business.

Container Architect Consulting Services are time and material Consulting Services provided on an hourly basis subject to certain scope, consumption, and purchase conditions: provided remotely; prepaid in full; minimum purchase of 4 hours per purchase; maximum purchase of 40 hours per purchase; no deliverables; and must be consumed within three (3) months after purchase and, if unused, such Container Architect Consulting Services will be forfeited.

Total: 0 hours $00.00

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  • Setup & configure a CI/CD system
  • Containerize an application
  • Troubleshooting an issue (functional or performance)
  • Set up & configure a kubernetes environment on MKE & MSR
  • Set up & configure an ingress controller
  • Migrate applications to the cloud
  • Health Assessment
  • Setup & configure Logging infrastructure
  • Setup & configure Monitoring infrastructure