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Cloud Architect Consulting Services

$320.00 per hour

Cloud Architect Consulting Services help you transform your IT infrastructure using cloud architecture in order to optimize cost and innovation, navigate through the challenges of technology related decisions, and accelerate your cloud adoption to meet your business needs with our consultants on a vast range of technology topics and methodologies.

Cloud Architect Consulting Services are time and material Consulting Services provided on an hourly basis subject to certain scope, consumption, and purchase conditions: provided remotely; prepaid in full; minimum purchase of 8 hours per purchase; maximum purchase of 40 hours per purchase; no deliverables; consumed in 8 hour blocks, and must be consumed within 45 days after purchase and, if unused, such Cloud Architect Consulting Services will be forfeited.

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Example topics for Cloud Architect Consulting Services:

OpenStack Project Considerations

  • How to structure an OpenStack Project
  • External requirements
  • Upgrades and updates

Bill of materials for Mirantis Container Cloud and OpenStack

  • Create vendor specific bill of materials
  • Environment sizing¬†
  • Stability and resilience

Storage options for OpenStack

  • Storage requirements for OpenStack
  • Ceph and OpenStack
  • Integration of other storage solutions

Network and SDN options for OpenStack

  • SDN options in OpenStack
  • Network design for resilience
  • Network hardware selection

Cloud integration with corporate infrastructure

  • Monitoring, SIEM, backup, reporting or other external systems